Whether you are in need of a new furnace, air conditioner, humidifier, electronic air cleaner or any other comfort product, you can count on Complete Heating to deliver maximum quality at a reasonable price.  We handle both commercial and residential installations.  This includes new construction, replacements, and adding new equipment to a system already in place.  All of our duct systems are fabricated from sheet metal or Owens Corning Fiberglass ductboard.  In order to promote customer peace of mind and assurance of commitment, we offer the added option of purchasing an extended warranty on furnaces and air conditioners.  Call us today for your free estimate. 


Complete Heating and Air Conditioning is a dealer of Trane furnaces.  We believe our customers deserve a warm and inviting environment throughout their homes during the heating season.  Trane is dedicated to building heating and air conditioning products known for quality, reliability and durability.  Our equipment ensures that the warmth of your home remains constant regardless of the temperature outside.  It is also very energy efficient and quiet.  As a customer of Complete Heating, you will be pleased at the comfort you will find from a Trane furnace.  Call us today for more information or a free estimate. 


 Don't let the summer heat get you down.  Stay cool and comfortable with a Trane air conditioner.  Complete Heating delivers cooling equipment that is energy efficient, durable and reliable.  We can determine the right size system for your individual lifestyle and home comfort needs.   


We install Aprilaire Whole House Humidifiers.  There are many problems that can occur when there is not enough humidity in your home.  Static electricity, a dry nose, and sore throat problems are the most common, just to name a few.  Another advantage of having proper humidity is that it makes you feel warmer at the same temperature.  An April-Aire humidifier can solve those many problems and can easily be installed on your furnace in a couple of hours.  Call or email us today for more information.


We offer Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaners  to our customers as an added home comfort product.  Visible dust typically makes up about 1% of all particles in the air.  Over 99% of airborne particles are visible only with a microscope.  Some of these particles can stain walls, furniture, carpets, and drapes.  These particles may cause discomfort by irritating your upper respiratory tract (nose and throat) when breathing. Some may also coat the inner workings of your heating and cooling equipment, diminishing its efficiency.  A Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner  reduces the level of particles in the air through a whole-house air filtration system which helps eliminate these problems.  For more information, call or email us.  


When you purchase a Trane furnace or air conditioner a one year parts and labor warranty is included.  However, the equipment owner also has the added option of purchasing an Extended Warranty on the product.  The owner can purchase coverage in five or ten year increments.  An Extended Warranty insures that service work is performed by trained service dealers who are experts in current equipment and service techniques. Also, the owner doesn't have to worry about unplanned failures.  Trane products pride themselves as providing quality products and accessories that carry a heritage of durability, however any mechanical component is subject to failure.  As a rule of thumb, coverage includes any failure of an internal component unless it fails due to neglect, failure of equipment owner to perform preventative maintenance, or an act of God.  Call or email us for details.